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  • Vitaliy Slepakov

    Vitaliy Slepakov

  • Steen Graham

    Steen Graham

  • Rob Boville

    Rob Boville

    Passionnate about using technology to solve real world problems, leveraging the power of AI/machine vision to bring straight forward solutions to customers

  • Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Machine Learning Engineer. I talk about AI, MLOps, and Python programming. More about me: www.dimpo.me

  • Synced


    AI Technology & Industry Review — syncedreview.com | Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2IYL6Y2 | Share My Research http://bit.ly/2TrUPMI | Twitter: @Synced_Global

  • Nitin Rai

    Nitin Rai

  • Frank Andrade

    Frank Andrade

    +1.5M Views on Medium & YouTube || Free Web Scraping Course Every Data Scientist Should Take👇 https://bit.ly/396MjJr

  • Laurent Balmelli

    Laurent Balmelli

    Professional in cyber-security, innovation, life-long learner; startup with successful exit; Guest professor at Keio University Grad. School, Tokyo Japan

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