The next decade promises to transform every aspect of our lives. For example, there is a high probability that children born in 2020 and beyond will never learn to drive a car because of autonomous driving cars. …

Every day I take the time to look at the new computer vision articles on This is my curated list of articles for January 29, 2021 related to either Edge AI or use cases relevant to industry.

Today we have one article which is a use case for detecting…

Regularly, I come across a skill that is in short supply in the software development community. And based on this, I propose that it is the #1 skill for software developers to obtain in 2021. …

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Hans van’t Hag

The combination of sensors (such as cameras for vision) and artificial intelligence has coined the term AIoT. Awareness is created by augmenting raw data (stemming from sensors) with derived-values (created by inference-engines that exploit machine learning models.) The awareness is…

Toby McClean

Busy creating value through data

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